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Attention Heart-Centered Coaches, Consultants and Advisors

Introducing Expand Your Impact

You’re a heart-centered entrepreneur. And as much as you love helping your clients produce results, there’s an ongoing challenge that keeps you working too hard for too little money and locked in a perpetual feast or famine cycle. You need to, no you must, attract more clients now and set up system that will allow you to be attracting clients to you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and 365 days a year. But there's three little issues:

  • You're not very good at marketing...most of the time you feel it just doesn't work for you
  • You HATE'd rather live without clients than come across as pushy, sleezy or SALES-y
  • You don't have SYSTEMS in place that builds you a list of clients who need your help NOW and LATER!

Don't worry you're not alone. There are so many options for marketing that it can be confusing and overwhelming. Many of you have spent hundreds or thousands of dollars having someone “DO” marketing for you only to be extremely disappointed in the results. Overall, you find marketing to be a mystery. You’re frustrated knowing where to start or how to make it work. So mostly you get new clients from referrals or word-of-mouth. But that's not enough to really grow your business to the next level or set yourself up to.

Some of the Specific Marketing & Selling Areas that Heart-Centered Entrepreneurs Struggle with Include:

  • creating an attention-getting marketing message
  • choosing a marketing niche
  • writing persuasive marketing materials
  • getting past fears, doubt and rejection
  • implementing marketing activities such as networking, speaking, teleclasses and webinars
  • making follow-up calls
  • doing publishing activities such as blogging, social media and email newsletters
  • managing the whole selling process

So how do you get better at marketing & selling?

You ask someone who knows the answers!

What if you could get answers to ALL of those questions?

What if you could get answers that came from almost 20 years of experience in working with heart-centered entrepreneurs? And what if someone could show you not only what you should do, but exactly how to do everything on that questions list?

My Name is Mande White-Pearl, and since 1996 I've worked with heart-centered entrepreneur who wanted to be better marketers of their services. In that time I've worked with hundreds of clients in marketing coaching and consulting sessions. I've worked with even more through workshops and group programs. And I've helped thousands more with my Magic Bullet Virtual Training Programs including but not limited to Bestseller Magic Bullet, Event Magic Bullet, Facebook Magic Bullet, Income Magic Bullet, LinkedIn Magic Bullet and over 35 more.

I’ve been helping heart-centered entrepreneurs get more clients and make more money since I was 16. I’ve helped people who love helping other people but weren’t making enough money do it transform their lives by learning to LOVE marketing and sales and stepping into the powerful people they need to be in order to have that much impact on the world. I’ve held hands with those who have faced their fears and produced massive results including but not limited to $100,000+ day product lauches, $35,000+ in a month from Twitter as well as those ‘little’ celebrations like stabilizing monthly income and finally hitting $10,000/month.

I’ve created over 40 Virtual Training Program, walking heart-centered entrepreneurs though the exact steps they need to take to get from where they are know (feast/famine) to where they want to be (consistent, stable income from clients they truly love working with)

And the Expand Your Impact program is the most useful and easy-to-follow I've ever created.

Expand Your Impact Member Features:

  • Live Group Coaching Calls - 4 per Month

    Ask your burning business, marketing, sales and mindset questions to our experts while watching over their shoulder at exactly which buttons they press to get the job done.

  • Online Community of Super Stars Just Like You

    Connect with other success-minded Super Women entrepreneurs just like you in between LIVE group coaching calls to get your questions answered and find support.

  • Instant Replays of All Coaching Calls

    All coaching calls are recorded and available for replay 24/7/365 in a password protected members area.

  • Implementation Day

    We’ll gather together once a month and I’ll share with you an action plan for the month and then we’ll brainstorm with each other to implement a customized plan of action for YOUR business.

More Expand Your Impact Features

  • Templates, Scripts and Cheatsheets

    “Done for you” elements, straight from my own business and what I teach my high-end clients. This is the good stuff that has been proven to work, so you can feel confident that it will work for you too.

  • Real Profit Strategies

    Sometimes it’s easy to get distracted by bright-shiny-objects but when coached by Mande White-Pearl, Your Profit Strategist you’ll feel confident she’ll help you cut throw the clutter and make your way straight to the profits.

  • Heart-Centered Coaching

    Having been a start-up entrepreneur myself I know just what kind of nurturing and tough love is needed to put you on your quickest path to profits.

As a Bonus Members Receive...

COMPLIMENTARY Access to ALL My Magic Bullet Virtual Training Program

Affiliate Magic Bullet

Bestseller Magic Bullet

Facebook Magic Bullet

Income Magic Bullet

LinkedIn Magic Bullet

Offer Magic Bullet

Outsourcing Magic Bullet

Pinterest Magic Bullet

Sales Magic Bullet


Social Media Magic Bullet

Speaking Magic Bullet

Traffic Magic Bullet

Twitter Magic Bullet

Wealth Magic Bullet

Website Magic Bullet

WordPress Magic Bullet

YouTube Magic Bullet

and much more...

Expand Your Impact Benefits Include...

Mindset Mastery

The beliefs that got you to where you are today won't get you the 6 or 7-figure business you desire.  By actively participating in the Magic Bullet Coaching Cafe you'll discover the key mindset shifts you need to make to make your success feel like magic! (Hint: The sooner you start realizing YOU are the magic the faster you'll create your success)

Marketing Mastery

Spiritual Entrepreneurs (or Closeted Spiritual Entrepreneurs) often struggle with creating effective marketing systems such as creating an attention-getting marketing message; choosing a marketing niche; writing persuasive marketing materials; getting past fears, doubt and rejection; implementing marketing activities such as networking, speaking, teleclasses and webinars; making follow-up calls; doing publishing activities such as blogging, social media and email newsletters. In this group coaching program you'll start to be exposed to the strategies & techniques you need to master marketing.

Sales Mastery

After you start to learn how to increase your visibility you'll be faced with the toughest challenge of them all - asking people for money - to invest in YOU!  Never fear you can ask your most pressing questions and share your struggles on the LIVE group coaching calls. Soon you'll discover everyone else has these same problems too!

Technical Support

Our live group calls 'meet' on a screen sharing conference line so you can hear and SEE what Mande's doing on her computer.  If one of the Members has a particular challenge we can remotely look at their computer and fix whatever is needed. It's like having your own technical support in-house!

Community Support

The biggest challenge most spiritual entrepreneurs face when growing their business is dealing with the fears and beliefs of those they are closest too.  Often times employee-minded or middle-class mentality ideas are shared by well-meaning friends and family.  But when stepping into who you need to BE in order to have the life you really want you need to think and believe very different things.  The Magic Bullet Coaching Cafe provides you with a new place to call home and friends that will help you challenge your beliefs and step back into BE-ing who you really are!

Spiritual Support

Every member of the coaching cafe is held in Truth. Not the 'truth' of your current reality but the Truth of who you are and how powerful you really are.  It might not be fun to hear the Truth all the time but your soul knows what it wants and it recognizes the Truth when it sees it and will instantly know it has found a safe space to receive.

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