Stop Working With Less Than Ideal Clients - Starting Today!

Discover the 7 Simple Steps to Receiving More Clients Who Are a Joy to Work With

  • Do you remember what it felt like the last time you worked with a less than ideal client? You wanted to just run away and hide under a rock.
  • Do you remember how it felt when they haggled with you about your fee, ignored what you told them to do and then blamed YOU for the program/product/modality not working?
  • Did that leave you annoyed? frustrated? hopeless?

That kind of situation never needs to happen again after you invest in setting yourself up for success by participating in my Ideal Client Magic Bullet Virtual Training Program.

What Makes Me Qualified to Guide you Through This Quantum Leap in Client Attraction?

  • As a marketing professional I’ve been helping clients get clients for the past 15 years. Getting clear on the client’s ideal clients is the first step to any type of marketing activity.
  • As a solo entrepreneur for the past 6 years I’ve attracted over 250 clients for my business. Some have left me in tears of anger and frustration, revealing my dark night of the soul and helping me along my spiritual journey in a painful way…and others bring tears of joy and love to my eyes because they have wildly exceeded my expectations and filled my heart full of gratitude
  • As a business coach I’ve helped my clients attract more of their ideal clients and as you’ll see below – this small shift truly changes their lives!

What's the Big Deal About Receiving More Ideal Clients?

I know when I first started my business as an entrepreneur the goal was just to get paying clients.  I remember the excitement I felt whenever anyone would offer to pay me money for doing something I was good at.

But that excitement soon faded into discouragement and resentment when I realized I was letting the clients call the shots. They decided what to pay me based on their values and often times that was MUCH less than the value that I knew I was bringing into their lives with my work.

I hired a coach to walk me through really creating a vision for what gifts I had that I wanted to share with the world, and get paid for. At that point the gratitude I felt for my clients increased exponentially.  Everyone seemed to be much happier! I was doing work that  I was good at and my clients were very happy with the outcome and results.  Specifically I can clarify the following benefits of working with ideal clients instead of just ANY clients:

  • Get Better Results – They are Super Heroes who take what you have to offer, make it their own and create their own success.
  • Pay More – In my experience ideal clients tend to pay 1,000 – 5,000% more than an average client. For those of you charging $50/hour that’s like raising your rate to $X/hour!
  • More Fun to Work With – Ideal clients complain, blame and shame much less (if not at all) than the average client. That makes them a lot more fun to work with, don’t you think?
  • Refer More Ideal Clients – If like attracts like, then your ideal clients are hanging around other really cool people and so they’ll have better people to refer to you.

The biggest benefit I’ve experienced for myself and my clients is that the fruits of our labors are finally evidenced.  Almost all of the clients I know, started their businesses because they wanted to work for themselves, be their own boss and be in control of their own financial destiny.  Being able to attract ideal clients into your business is THE MAGIC BULLET that makes all of the other parts of business building much easier.

The bottom line is, when you master the ability to R-E-C-E-I-V-E more of your ideal clients, then your income, your business and your life will change.  We’ll talk more about how to be ready to R-E-C-E-I-V-E more of your ideal clients after a few of my clients share their transformations.

Read On To Discover Why Satisfied Clients Like Maria Rave About My Ideal Client Magic Bullet System

Breakdown of Training Here

Here's a quick look at the outcomes you'll receive as a result of fully participating in each module.

  • 1

    Raise Your Own Vibration

    By focusing on the things you LOVE to do and the ways that you LOVE to serve others you’ll instantly be able to jump into a more magnetic vibration that’ll bring clients to you like flies to honey.

  • 2

    Establish an Energetic Connection

    Close your eyes and place your hands over your heart center and begin to visualize the feeling of already being energetically connected to your ideal clients. One of my mentors describes the clients we are meant to serve as something like a client soul mate, we’re already predestined to serve them at some point in time. As you come to rest in this idea you can begin to strengthen the energetic connection you have with more and more clients.

  • 3

    Clarify Your Vision

    Take a breath and imagine someone that you are touching hearts with right now who might be an ideal client for you. What qualities do they possess? The more specific you can be about them the stronger the magnetic attraction will be. Here are just a few to get you started:
    Do they pay you and pay on time?
    Are they overjoyed to pay you?
    Do they send you thank you notes or gifts?
    Do they not care how much it costs to work with you and even pay you in advance?
    While it might be hard at first to imagine these things (I know it was for me) it’s absolutely necessary to add them to your vision in the Ideal Client Magic Bullet process.

  • 4


    This word means great happiness and exhilaration. To me it gives the sense that something is MORE than joyful! What elates your ideal client? What makes them get out of bed in the morning? Elation helps you tap into the place where you can become passionate about serving them. What elates your clients elates you! Figure out what you can’t live without – that place of feeling is where you want to start.

  • 5

    "I" Want!

    As a successful 7-figure business woman, I hereby give you permission to be utterly and completely selfish! As you Expand Your Impact you will build a business that support the life you WANT to live and get well paid for the expertise and value you provide to your ideal clients. So NOW is the time to get selfish about how you want to serve your clients. There are a million different ways to make $1 million so we each can do it our own way!

  • 6


    In working through the previous steps you might have come across a few things that you are not currently doing today that your ideal clients WANT you to be doing. Take note of these things and create a vision for yourself stepping into BEING the woman you need to be to create the feelings and experiences your ideal clients want to have.

  • 7


    Working through these steps will definitely attract to you some amazing new clients but you can’t stop there. Part of the cycle of growth is that you’ll find new things to want to improve so you’ll need to continue to expand yourself throughout this process. Beware of the things you notice and don’t like, and immediately identify the opposite and more positive energy that’s available to step into in order to create that expanded vision.

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Screenshot of Training

Screenshot of Training

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Here's Exactly What You'll Receive In This Virtual Training Program

  • 3+ Hours of Video Training

    This content was recorded live before a Google Hangout audience, so you’ll feel like I’m sitting right across the screen from you sharing all my juicy tips!

  • Transcripts

    Want to see in print exactly what I said in one of the training videos? No worries, you’ll get a PDF with the transcripts from each of the training videos so you can highlight, make notes, etc. so you can further integrate the learning into your BE-ing-ness!

  • Worksheets

    Here’s where the rubber meets the road! Use these fill-in-the-blank worksheets to guide you through implementing what you’ve learned in the training videos into action for your own business!

  • Downloadable MP3's

    Maybe you don’t like to watch me on video so much! It’s ok! Download these MP3’s and you can listen to on the go, in your car, at the gym or maybe your kid’s soccer game!

  • Facebook Mastermind

    Come hang out with other like-minded entrepreneurs in this private Facebook Group! It’s also where we’ll communicate regularly about updates and revisions to the content!

  • Lifetime Updates

    I update each of my Magic Bullet training programs about every 18-24 months so when I completely revamp this program you’ll be the first to get notified AND you’ll receive free updates. How can it get any better than that!!!??

You deserve to work with ideal clients! They are out there waiting for you to step into your power and stop blocking yourself from receiving them! I guarantee this program will open your eyes to a new way of being so that marketing & sales is a little less scary and you can begin the journey to being masterful at receiving more clients than you ever thought possible and never enough!

- Mande White-Pearl, Expand Your Impact

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