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Why Most People Don't Make Money With Kindle Books and What You Should Do Instead

It's true. For all the talk about how amazing Kindle publishing has been for the small business owner and indie author, the fact is, there's very little real money in it.

The competition is far fiercer than you might expect, which often means you're competing not against a handful of other publishers but against hundreds - maybe thousands - all targeting the same market.

Not only that, but with price points falling ever lower (and even frequently dipping into the "free" zone) you can easily see why Kindle publishing might now be the cash cow you've been told it is.

Of course, once you know the truth, you can then work out a solid plan to...

  • Make YOUR book stand out from the crowd of others - this 5-step plan will instantly put you ahead of 99% of your competitors.
  • Build your own PR machine - by using the tools Amazon gives you (and a little of your own ingenuity) you can make a huge splash in any niche.
  • Ensure the money keeps rolling in, long after the initial sale is made - Miss this critical piece and you'll be left with little more than your 35% royalty from Amazon.

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