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Stop Undervaluing Your Skills and Finally Start Finding And Attracting $10,000 Clients

Join me on September 2, 2015 at Noon ET, and you'll discover...

  • 7 Questions you must answer about yourself—and be truthful here, because unless you understand these, you’re holding yourself back from success.
  • What a $10,000 coaching package really looks like—and why with a little planning it might be a lot less work than you think.
  • Why low-end clients might be damaging your ability to attract high-end (and high-paying) clients—and why quality really does trump quantity
  • 6 things top clients are looking at before they decide to work with you—and you have control over each and every one.
  • 3 things you’re doing that don’t work—and what to do instead

There’s room in any industry for all levels of coaching, but if you want to really to help people more—and make more money—you need to make the leap into high-end coaching. This free webinar will help.

Join Me LIVE, Wednesday, August 26 @ Noon Eastern Standard Time

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