Profit Strategist Mande White-Pearl Reveals:

"The 7 Mistakes Women Entrepreneurs Make That Leave Them Struggling To Get Clients, Overwhelmed and Underpaid"

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The Event is Long Over...

But We Pulled the Video from the Original Event and Now You Can Get Access to All of Mande's Profit Strategies!

  • How your heart maybe holding you back from making you money AND how you can have both a heart-filled and profitable business
  • Why the most intuitive way to get clients actually backfires and how you can easily attract your perfect clients AND have them pay you more
  • How your deep desire to serve maybe causing people to say ‘No’ and how to get them to say ‘Yes’ to your best you have to offer
  • How to talk about what you do in a way that doubles or triples your sales
  • The 1 simple technique that makes sales so much easier…people will almost sell themselves on what you have to offer
  • How to choose between business strategies that will move you ahead with baby steps or quantum leaps
  • The 3 business fundamentals that most coaches overlook-miss any one of these and your marketing will be completely ineffective