Feeling tired, busy, stressed out, over-worked, full of aches and pains?

3 Keys to Putting YOURSELF First

Join me and my special guest, Sherry Kane on Tuesday, January 19 @ 7:30 p.m. ET

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Are you so busy working ON your business that you have no time to make yourself a priority?

Are you feeling overworked, exhausted, stressed and completely over-committed with too many obligations and responsibilities?

Do you wish you had more energy and better health so you could be more productive?

During this Master Class You'll Discover...

  • A simple strategy that will help you stop living a shell of a life and step into your power as a whole, rich, juicy, vibrant and powerful woman
  • The trick to going to bed each night excited about tomorrow instead of feeling stressed and overwhelmed about tomorrow
  • Strategies for experiencing better, more meaningful and rewarding relationships with those near to you.
  • 5 ways to have MORE energy without caffine or pills
  • and much more!

Please join us on Tuesday, January 19 at 7:30 p.m. ET for this LIVE Master Class. Get yourself registered today by filling out the form below...and be sure to forward this link to a stressed out friend!

We love your privacy and will never spam you

About Sherry Kane Sherry Kane is the creator and the inspiration behind the “I Am Complete Woman™” movement and is passionate about working with busy, successful women who are ready to engage in committed and consistent self-care so they live a whole life of personal and professional happiness, health and well-being and by doing so, serve others profoundly.

A successful business owner for over 17 years, an inspirational speaker as well as a wife for over twenty-one years and mom of two active teenage boys, Sherry knows firsthand how living a busy life (even one you love!) can cause feelings of being overextended and overwhelmed.

Her own journey of rediscovering herself increased her health, focus and productivity and gave her the courage to stop playing small and step into her bigger destiny.

Sherry is an Author and Lifestyle Mentor and holds “I Am Complete™” Women’s Retreats dedicated to helping women understand their own sense of worthiness so they are empowered and inspired to live lives they love and that are complete, while helping other women do the same.

In your session with Sherry, you will learn how living a life that is busy may not necessarily be living a life that is complete, and what you can do to change that.  Sherry will show you how to have more joy, balance, productivity and optimism so that you can live serenely and stress free.

From increasing your energy and focus to strengthening your relationships (including the one with yourself), join Sherry to create a life that has you excited about getting out of bed every single day!