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Revealed: Why Expecting Your Body to Keep Up With Your Crazy Busy Schedule will NEVER Support You In Growing a Soulful Business and What To Do Instead!

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Friday, February 5 @ Noon ET / 11 a.m. CT / 10 a.m. MT / 9 a.m. PT

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During this Master Class You'll Discover

  • How your emotions affect every aspect of your life and you can shift your emotional energy easily
  • Why your vibration has a lot to do with your peace of mind
  • How to support your body with easier ways to be healthier

About Mary Crawford

I’m a mother of two sons - both grown and finding their way. I’ve lived in Wisconsin, North Carolina and Nevada. Give me out door spaces and I'm happy. I have a degree in special education and have taught in the public school system; I’ve also worked as cued speech interpreter for hearing-impaired high school students, employment coach for teens at the Urban League, and a tutor trainer for the Literacy Council, helping adults learn to read.

I have learned that I am a teacher at heart; having the opportunity to teach and help others is what makes me feel good at the end of the day.

In my travels, over my careers, and in my studies, I have come to realize that much of what holds us back from all the things we want—sometimes desperately—is related to the body’s own energy field and the right nutrition.  When these are balanced, good things happen, health and vitality return, and everything flows in a way that brings prosperity. This is truth to me. Even though life can be stressful and complicated, finding the right solution doesn’t have to be!