Attention Coaches:

When word of mouth and other client attraction strategies are no longer delivering, discover...

The Secret Weapon Top Coaches Are Using to Share Their Expertise, Grow Their Lists and Sell More Products

We all have the same 24 hours each and every day, so why are you feeling overworked and frazzled, while other coaches are sailing through life? The secret is in the passive income streams they’ve established…

Hey there fellow coach,

You deserve to be congratulated! You’ve build a rock solid coaching business largely through word of mouth. You’ve created products your clients love, and you’re slowly earning a reputation as the “go to” coach in your niche.

Way to go!

So what’s the problem? Well, if you’re like most coaches in your situation, you want more.

More clients.

More sales.

A bigger mailing list.

A larger audience.

Maybe even a little bit of star status.

Sound familiar? I know that’s right where I was not too long ago, and I’m betting you are, too. And if you’re anything like me, you don’t quite know how to get through this phase of your business to achieve the goals you’ve set for yourself.

You’re not alone. Plenty of coaches and service providers have discovered...

Grassroots Efforts Can Only Do So Much

It’s true. While you can build a substantial business based solely on referrals and social media, it just won’t scale.

Fact: Only a tiny percentage of your clients will actively refer you to others.

Fact: “Know, like and trust” can take weeks or months to establish—and a simple referral won’t do it.

Fact: Blogging and social media reach is diminishing every day.

Sure, you can keep scheduling your blog posts and social media updates, and you can continue to send out requests for introductions, but growing a business using those tactics is just...slow. And who has time for that?

Today’s Top Marketing Method

You’ve probably noticed the recent explosion in the number of webinars coaches and other business owners are promoting these days. Seems like every day there’s a new “must see” event happening, no matter what niche you’re in.

Clearly, this is a system that has a great deal of benefits:

  • Incredible list-building opportunities (people love webinars)
  • A chance to show off what you know (live presentations leave no room for doubt about your expertise)
  • An opportunity to truly help your community (Q & A sessions are hugely popular and bring in lots of visitors)
  • A powerful selling platform (add a fast-acting bonus to boost your sales figures even more)
  • A fantastic offer for JV partners (all they have to do is bring their audience, so it’s a great deal)

What would happen to your income?

For most coaches, it would sink like a stone.

It’s not your fault, of course. It’s the nature of a coaching or service-based business. It relies on you and your time to produce an income.

Seems like everyone is talking about it, but is anyone actually achieving it?

Sure, it would be great to earn cash for doing nothing, but all too often it seems like passive income is what happens after you’ve already worked a year’s worth of 80-hour workweeks.

First you spend weeks creating products.

Then you waste months blogging (and being careful to use all the proper SEO techniques).

Meanwhile you’re busy trying to “engage” with your audience on Facebook and Twitter and Instagram and Pinterest and Google + and every other “must have” social media platform out there.

And while you’re doing all that…who’s doing the coaching? You know that work that pays your bills? You still have to find time to do that, too!

Yikes! There’s not too much about that scenario that sounds “passive” is there?

Funnel Your Way to Passive Income…With Facebook!

What if I told you there is a tool that will help make those passive income dreams a reality? And even better, that it’s something you and others like you are using every single day?

Not only that, but this easy-to-learn and follow system is exactly what top-end coaches such as Marie Forleo, Derek Halpern and others are using to grow their lists and their profits.

And in just 30 days of focused action, you can be using it, too.

Week 1: Creating Your Optimized Facebook Funnel

The key to truly passive income is in the planning, that’s why we’re starting with the big picture. In week one, you’ll discover…

The basics of Facebook page tabs – and what makes a compelling, clickable tab your readers won’t be able to resist.

How to determine your ideal visitor  because you can’t find her if you don’t know who she is.

How to find your unique competitive edge – this is the one thing that sets you apart from all the others, and when you get this right, you’ll be flooded with new opportunities! .

How to prevent a funnel bottleneck  making this mistake will put an immediate end to your funnel (and your cash) flow!

Why you need to spend most of your efforts at the top of your funnel  and how this strategy translates to long-term growth and income opportunities.

6 critical components every successful funnel must have  now is the time to ensure all the pieces are in place for a truly successful outcome.

Week 2: Your Perfect Opt-In Gift

No matter how much you spend on your ad campaign, if your opt-in incentive isn’t enticing, your efforts will fail. The key here is to design and create an incentive that will have your ideal clients drooling. In week 2, we’ll cover…

6 ways to discover what your perfect client really wants  and the number one thing to keep in mind above all else.

The 5 most popular types of offers — These work in every industry and niche, and they’re easy to create, too!

The easy way to create an opt-in offer FAST

How to know you have a winner — this one tip will put an end to the guesswork (and eliminate wasted time and frustration). .

How to create an opt-in page that converts — the most valuable incentive in your industry won’t work if your opt-in page is unappealing.

Two tools that make quick work of creating beautiful opt-in pages .

6 elements every opt-in page must have — miss even one of these, and you’ll lose potential subscribers!

Step-by-step instructions for creating your download page — no more technical stumbling blocks!

What to include in your follow-up email — this is the start of your relationship building, so it’s critical to get this right.

Week 3: Putting Together Your Money Making Offer

Now it’s time to talk strategy and action plans. Your goal is outlined, your initial offer is in place, so let’s go get some subscribers!

In week 3, we’ll... …

Determine your true objectives — subscribers aren’t the only goal, especially if your page is new.

Develop your paid offer — starting your ad campaign before you have this fleshed out is a recipe for disaster.

Take a look at why exclusivity sells — and how you can create an offer that’s irresistible.

Put other people’s content to work for you, saving you time and money.

Do a final setup check — and ensure you’re not missing any critical components that might derail your campaign.

Cover 6 ways to build your social media following — do these first, and your ads will be even more effective.

Week 4: Create Effective, Highly-Targeted Facebook Ads

This is where the magic happens. All the prep work you’ve done comes together in the Facebook ads editor, where you’ll be able to target your perfect client, based on everything from where she lives to how old she is to what hobbies she enjoys.

The vital difference between promoted posts and dark posts — and why one might be better than the other

The magic of retargeting — and how this powerful tool can keep you in front of the most interested audiences automatically.

How easy it is to navigate the scary technical stuff — I’ll walk you through it in a way that makes perfect sense (even if you’re a total technophobe).

How to leverage the power of related offers — because once you’re on their radar, it’s easier to grab their interest.

How tracking pixels work — and how to create and use them.

How to track your results — because unless you know what isn’t working, you can’t begin to fix it.

The key element of a truly irresistible offer — seed your funnel with this, and you simply cannot fail! .

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Fill Your Funnel With Eager Buyers

By now you know that you can’t continue to grow your business solely trading dollars for hours. While that’s a fantastic base (and what you love to do) it simply doesn’t allow for unlimited growth.

Passive income—and Facebook ads and funnels to build it—is the key to a sustainable business that supports you and your family, and that will continue to do so even if you can’t work.

This 30-day challenge is your first step in your quest to…

Land more clients—without a smoothly operating funnel, you’ll always wonder where the next client is coming from.

Meet your lifestyle goals—family time, vacations, and other important things can be a part of your future

Secure your future—true freedom comes from not having to rely on your ability to trade dollars for hours

Stop settling for the status quo, and discover the secret to upleveling your business—and your life.

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